Trader’s Room

The Trader’s Room is a web-based portal built for you but designed specifically with your traders in mind. Under the secure login you and your clients will have access to thousands of features, from registering new accounts to electronic deposits to managing system languages and live chat. The system offers so many functions that the best way to describe it is to experience it.

9:06 am

Meet Bill

Bill has been browsing your website and decided to fill out the registration form.

9:10 am

This is Jake

He is designated by the broker to be a sales agent.

As soon as Bill opens an account Jake receives emails from the CRM

New live account registration: Bill Gates 9:10 am
Compliance documents have been uploaded: Bill Gates 9:15 am

Jake logs into Trader's Room to review the submitted information


Finally, Jake approves Bill's application

9:20 am

Bill gets an update

He can now make a deposit and start trading.

Bill gets an email notification from the broker

Thank you for opening an account with us. Confirm your email. 9:15 am
Bill, the broker has approved your account, please make a deposit. 9:20 am

He makes an electronic deposit and starts trading

9:30 am

Andrea is Jake's boss

Once in a while Andrea reviews the CRM and checks on her team of 10 agents.

New live account registration: Bill Gates 9:10 am
Bill Gates' account has been approved 9:20 am
12:20 pm

Bill made a profit!

He now wants to make a withdrawal request.

12:30 pm

Mike works in accounting

He only receives withdrawal requests per Andrea's settings.

Mike gets an email notification and proceeds to attend to the request

Withdrawal request from Bill Gates: 1,000 USD 12:30 pm

He approves the withdrawal request and makes a wire transfer to Bill

1:30 pm

Bill is concerned

He has not yet received his funds. He initiates a live chat and gets his questions answered.

1:31 pm

Bill is happy

He was able to start trading within minutes and had all of his concerns attended to.


Andrea is happy too

She knows that her team stays on top of their work so she can attend to other matters.

What do you want Bill to do next?

Bill opens another MT4 account

He decided to try trading in a different currency base.

Bill reviews his statement online

He made a deposit and placed a few trades. Everything is correct.

Bill transfers funds from one of his MT4 accounts to another

The automatic currency conversion is performed in case of different currency bases.

Bill becomes an IB, refers traders and gets paid

He can also see analytics on how much commission he has collected and from whom.

Bill becomes a Money Manager or Investor

He can contribute to the fund immediately or be featured as a Money Manager on the broker's site.

Bill places a few trades in his browser

He likes to run Broker-provided EAs without having to have his PC on all the time.

Traders can open and manage multiple trading accounts. It may be useful if the broker offers multiple base currencies or multiple account types. If the trader was previously approved by the broker the MT4 will open instantly without requiring a secondary broker's approval.

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Trader's Room requests the trade history from MT4. What Bill sees is identical to his MT4 statement. If the Trader has multiple account types, statements for each account will be available.

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Transferring funds between MT4 accounts is an instant operation. Bill can transfer from (or to) any account including IB, MAM, and others. In case MT4 accounts have different currency bases the currency conversion will be performed in real time using the current market price.

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Any Trader can become an IB (Partner). Once the trader's IB application is approved by the broker, the IB gets a new MT4 account that is designated for commission collection. The IB has several powerful promo materials, including Referral URL, graphical banners, and embeddable account registration form for the IB's website. Once the IB refers someone to the brokerage he starts to receive commission. The IB can always review his commission in historical terms and per referral. With Multi-Level IBs Expansion, IBs can be nested in multiple tiers.

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With MAM / PAMM Expansion, Traders Room enables social features. Traders can apply to become Money Managers. Once approved by the broker their MAM account analytics are featured on your website for others to review. Other traders and website visitors can become investors with only a couple of clicks. Their Investor MT4 account gets opened and engaged to the chosen MAM.

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With Webtrader/VPS expansion, Traders can take advantage of hardware-less trading. WebTrader can be used to place trades directly form the browser. This comes especially handy while behind corporate firewalls or on high-latency networks. VPS allows traders or Money Managers run their own or Broker-Supplied EAs or signals.

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Customer Stories

… Kenmore Design have been able to develop security systems and integration of already in use suppliers as well as customize the whole back office to give our customers an almost android user-friendly learn-as-you go feeling. The CRM has helped our management team to verify that every member of our team is doing what they need to do as well as ensure that no customer is ever forgotten. As a result we have been able to increase our client base while keeping our support team small. This in itself will have our new back office paid for within 4 months.

Support has been awesome, the whole team …  Read the rest


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