Support Ticket System

Forex Support Ticket SystemSupport-related issues account for a lot of forex brokerage traffic. Kenmore Design offers a support ticket system to help reduce this traffic. Time spent forwarding emails is reduced, as issues will be directed to the appropriate agent at once via the tickets, which are created by your clients and assigned to the agents inside your office based on topic, department, or expertise.

The support ticket system is extremely easy to use. Agents can respond to issues right within the system, reassign tickets, make internal notes, manage attachments, and more.

The system is equipped with notification reminders, so no ticket will ever get lost. Multiple reminders are sent to ensure that each issue is attended to on time.

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  • Dramatically reduce your time spent on operations
  • Provide traders with account access from mobile or tablet devices
  • Save time by enabling traders to provide personal info
  • Reduce double entry to zero

Customer Stories

… Kenmore Design have been able to develop security systems and integration of already in use suppliers as well as customize the whole back office to give our customers an almost android user-friendly learn-as-you go feeling. The CRM has helped our management team to verify that every member of our team is doing what they need to do as well as ensure that no customer is ever forgotten. As a result we have been able to increase our client base while keeping our support team small. This in itself will have our new back office paid for within 4 months.

Support has been awesome, the whole team …  Read the rest


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